REVIEWS: An American Original

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

“Allen is a conductor of concentrated, intense movement juxtaposed with lively physicality, and he clearly enjoyed conducting the makeshift jazz ensemble. Allen’s mannerisms didn’t dull when he returned to the stage for Bernstein’s “Symphonic Dances from ‘West Side Story.’” The composition is a hit parade of the Broadway show. Allen and the ASO treated the pieces as unique compositions, proving the classical bona fides of each show tune.

Guest conductors allow the Atlanta audience to get a different perspective on familiar music. While it might not be obvious, the musicians play for the conductor differently, the guest artist makes different choices in how to approach each score, and regular audience members get to hear how the orchestra reacts to new direction. Allen’s second appearance with the ASO comes on the wings of an ever-growing amount of glowing reviews. Here’s hoping he continues to make Atlanta a frequent stop in his travels.”
Jon Ross, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Guest conductor Christopher Allen led the program at Symphony Hall. The evening was anything but the norm for a subscription season outing, providing a pops concert feel in a non-pops context — in that the concert carried a flavorful balance of seriousness and entertainment.”
Mark Gresham, ArtsATL